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There was no road ready, the road came into existance by walking.

Thorough training from substantiated theory, brought in a captivating way

Our focus

Based on scientific Insights and many years of practical experience , we are working on a daily basis to give information sessions & workshops on "wellbeing".

We bring relevant themes in a fascinating way;

Together with the public, with a healthy dose of humor about, sometimes sensitive themes, supplemented with connecting points to approach. 

Working on Wellbeing

"Change is being more yourself, not someone else"

Generation X, where are we now?! (coming soon)

Captivated by perfectionism

Fenrir Consult

Fenrir Consult was founded in 2004 by David van de Winckel, Project Manager and Erna Claes, Dr. in psychology. From both's specific domain we found the need to advise companies around their most precious good; The staff.

The human side is now overlooked far too much. Therefore we train and advise both the individual, in specific areas to function well within an organization, and the organizer, to the human interests to make a project work smoothly.

Since 2006 we work together with other Consultants to work out a suitable solution for you, as a customer.

Since 2013, we have attracted additional partners to further optimise our offer within interpersonal work.

We bring your training the right way

Of course, content is important, but what will you do when the training is perceived as "boring"? 

Be amazed by our inspiring trainers and actors, The content Will definitely "arrive".


Location is everything

Fenrir on tour

we come to you.

Do you have a favourite location, an internal hall or other possibilities? You say true, we come off.

Fenrir Trainingscentrum

In ons eigen trainingcentrum te Hasselt  kan je individueel of in kleine groep terecht voor één van onze onderwerpen. Een aangename omgeving met alle voorzieningen om jouw ervaring te optimaliseren. 

Info sessions

An info session takes approx. One and a half hours excl. break. The number of participants is unlimited.

These topics can also be prepared in a customized version for your organization or company in the form of a tailor-made course, training or workshop.



A workshop goes into more detail on the subject. Duration is max 3 hours. 

The number of participants is limited in order to reach an interactive experience.



In a training course we will explore the subject in depth and work together intensely with the participants in 3 to 4 modules of 2 to 3 hours each. 

For a positive result the group is always limited.


The Care tool

Developed by Samana, presented by Erna Claes

Change Management

Change management through a different, orginal view; "The Sister Act"

Chantal Claes and Erna Claes