The Sandwich generation

"Come out of the splits"

All our courses are based on Evidence based Practice.

"Come out of the splits"

The "Sandwich generation" is the generation that is literally sandwiched between caring for an older and a younger generation, and often continues to work with it. And, all this tries to keep in balance with their own family and their own quality of life.

In this context our info sessions focus on the balance between caring for others and caring for yourself, on the combination of cloak care and work and on the cooperation between you as caregiver and the professional care. So come together from the splits.

The Sandwichgenerantie

Cloak care by the sandwich generation, the generation that is "sandwiched" between care for parents, children and grandchildren.

Elderly Care and work

How to combine cloak care and work, how daarrond communicate with your work.

Shared Care

For caretakers, insight in the needs and expectations of the care and how to engage with professional care providers.

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Location is everything

We come to you. Do you have a favourite location, an internal room or other possibilities. You name it, we are there!