Erna Claes is doctor in de psychologie en zij heeft na 10 jaar ervaring in de gezondheidszorg in 2004 de overstap gemaakt naar Fenrir Consult als Verantwoordelijke Training.
Naast project-coordinatie staat zij voornamelijk in voor de ontwikkeling, organisatie en begeleiding van sessies mbt professionele en persoonlijke vaardigheden (gedragsverandering, communicatie, zelfkennis en persoonlijke effectiviteit, assertiviteit, perfectionisme,…)

In the design of her training, she combines her behavioural science background with her practical experience. The interplay between thinking, feeling, acting on the one hand and the impact thereof on the relationship with others is central to this. Health themes such as perfectionism, stress management, tobacco prevention and smoking cessation counselling are her expertise. She focuses on professionals as well as on the general public.

Changes from within and dare to be are 2 of our mottos during the training. Change from within, that's the key. A training in which you may be mild to yourself, to reflect, to understand, to experience and to share experiences, to dare to experiment, provides the basis for you to learn and dare to take new steps yourself afterwards.

During the training the participant is central and the content is built interactively, there are moments of self-reflection, of exchange in group and of review and application of the offered content to the participant's own personal experience.

"Erna is a gifted speaker and trainer who always manages to captivate the public, even around sensitive subjects."

Erna Claes