Fenrir, who or what is that?

Fenrir, Viking Carving

Fenrir, a monster or a consequence?

Fenrir is the wolf from the Norse mythology of which only the end story is known; namely that he kills Odin at the end of the (gods) world.

The beautiful thing about Norse mythology is that the gods make mistakes, they set typical human behaviors such as power (abuse), deception, greed, but also love and enjoy... and so the symbolism behind it goes deeper than purely a monster, a devil, Who destroyed the ' beautiful ' gods world.

Fenrir, son of Loki, was raised as a puppy by the gods but grew into a gigantic strong ' individuality ', ' monster ' in the stories. Every year, Fenrir shows the gods his new, greater strength and at the same time concealed that he offered his services to the gods. But the gods and Odin in the first place, did not trust him. They had a fright that he became stronger than them. Whatever it was. The result is the well-known story where Fenrir was lured into the trap by a list of Odin and chained for the rest of his life. Fenrir then expresses his curse over the gods he makes at the end.

His behavior is therefore actually the result of not using his strong side, denying the individuality.

Fenrir is also a symbol for:

  • Your personal, internal ' individuality '
  • An ' individuality ' within an organisation
  • or the organisation as ' individuality '

What does that mean?

your internal individuality stands for what you really want to do or are, your desires and/or dreams. If you do not deal with this correctly, this in many cases leads to ' destruction ' of things in your life or your health, causes to which you cling by eg. A belief that it will ever improve, eg. In relationships, at Burnout,...

an individuality within an organization; A new ' strong ' force is attracted to the potential to grow the organization. MBy not properly adjusting him or her within an organization, it can lead to annoying states within a team or group and he/she is Sometimes called a rival or a anoying person. Is it perhaps because he/she is sometimes also perceived as a threat to the established order/management?

when the organisation itself is the individual , we mean that there are e.g. A big change is going to be carried out, with good intentions, new strategies,... but that this, often poor communication, is not understood by the employees at all. With here too, possibly, a failed project result.

So when we say: "changes from Within", or "Dare to Be", we mean: dare to put everything on the table, find the positive power in what might in the first place look like a ' monster '. Look for the (small) changes within yourself, your team or organization, that can make you enjoy what you do, can grow into a success story or flourish to what is a successful life for you.