Caretakers, a special species?

"Changing is to be more yourself, not someone else".

Each of us has its own way of functioning, his own way of thinking and his own set. Finding a good balance between the expectations of yourself and society and between you, both physically and psychologically, is a difficult exercise.

For carers we offer specific information sessions about the daily problems as caregiver

Info sessions

Self-care for caretakers

How to monitor the balance between caring for another and caring for yourself.


Where load and resilience meet each other

How cloak care also makes resilient, tips and techniques to increase your resilience.

Elderly Care and work

How to combine cloak care and work, how daarrond communicate with your work.

The Sandwich generation

Cloak care by the sandwich generation, the generation that is "sandwiched" between care for parents, children and grandchildren.

The Art of Mulling

What is worrying is how it arises and continues to exist, as well as methods and techniques to get it started.

Shared Care

For caretakers, insight in the needs and expectations of the care and how to engage with professional care providers.

Communication with effect

Communication between client, caretakers and professional care providers: common misunderstandings in communication, how to communicate with effect.

Elderly Care Tool

Developed by Samana, presented by Erna Claes

Who is Samana?

Samana gives carers time and space

Caring for another is beautiful, but heavy. Therefore Samana gives carers time and space for itself.