' My taste is simple. I am always satisfied with the very best '

(Oscar Wilde)

Would you like to do things right? And, do you really mean "perfect"? Are you trying to pursue 100% and you can easily tolerate mistakes of yourself? Do you keep the bar getting higher and do you always feel a gnawing voice that it is never good enough, for yourself but perhaps for another one too? Maybe you're struggling to get things out of your hands because you think you're doing better yourself than the other? Or because you have no control when you leave it to the other?

With things to do well, is obviously nothing wrong. If you are a perfectionist, you will also recognize that perfectionism is often not just a curse, but also a blessing in one way or another. It has often helped you in your life. It has put you in many areas where you are now, what you are doing now, even who you are now and how you live. It is a part of our "being", our "own – nature – IG – ness". It "captivates us" with all our hearts. Sometimes, however, it strikes us in the buoys and we get stuck to perfectionism. If the bar is unrealistically high, and if the effort you have to make is not outweighed by the result, then you and your environment will suffer. "fascinated by perfectionism" So, as the title shows.

During the training we offer a response to 3 questions

1) What is it?

2) How did I get there?

3) Do I get rid of it and how?

Doel is om op een interactieve manier denk – en gedragspatronen die eigen zijn aan perfectionisme te herkennen. Technieken worden aangereikt om op een andere manier met perfectionisme om te gaan alsook om bepaalde gewoontepatronen te doorbreken. Is het de bedoeling om dit perfectionisme volledig uit je leven te bannen? Uit ervaring blijkt dat de meeste perfectionisten dit eigenlijk niet willen en de vraag is of het überhaupt wel nodig is. Je perfectionisme inzetten wanneer het nuttig is enerzijds, en het kunnen temperen wanneer het niet nodig is anderzijds zal aldus de uitdaging zijn.
Kortom, je komt er niet van los, maar je kan er wel mee verder .

Info session captivated by perfectionism

We offer an answer to 3 questions: What is it, how it arises, Do I get rid of it and how. The different forms of perfectionism are the basis to consider how to cope differently so that it remains a quality and not a trap.

Course Perfectionism

The training is aimed at people who themselves have to deal with perfectionism and want to gain more insight into how their own perfectionist thinking and behaviour is put together and what possibilities are there to deal with them differently.

This is to break the habit patterns and grow them in an individual, to improve the relationship with others, to be able to function well in a busy and demanding working environment and society. As well as to work in different Life domains with fun (again) and energy to live, also in the long run.



In a training course we will explore the subject in depth and work together intensely with the participants in 3 to 4 modules of 2 to 3 hours each. For a positive result the group is always limited. 

These topics can also be prepared in a customized version for your organization or company in the form of a tailor-made course, training or workshop.

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