Our Team

The gang makers, those who are doing it every day (or almost...)

Erna Claes , Dr in Psychology

Expert Trainer and Inspirer

David van de Winckel, Managing Director

"MeTimer" and thoughts creator

Our expert partners

Our independent partners, with their professional input, we offer you thorough training sessions.

Dirk Quina

Expert – welbevinden op het werk

Charlotte Haarsma , clinical Psychologist-system therapist

Expert Trainer

Catherine Pauwels

Expert – Team Coaching

Wim Decorte , professional training actor

Expert – Customer Friendliness

Aurelie De Cock

Expert – Team and organisational development

Ann Vanhoudt

Expert – Diversity

Chantal Claes

Expert – Change Management

Partner Company

For individual guidance of stress and burnout problems we work together with Tumi Therapeutics.



Security Manager


Office Manager

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