1. Acceptance of Terms Each customer is deemed to know and have accepted our general terms and conditions of sale and payment. Even if the customer's purchase conditions are contradictory, our terms and conditions will remain applicable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Prices All prices listed in our price lists, catalogues and quotations are exclusive of VAT and only serve as an indication.

Our prices for our services can be adjusted at any time to fluctuate exchange rates or market trends, without prior notification.

The prices for a project are determined in advance with the customer and can only be changed after consultation with the customer.

3. Payment Terms All invoices are payable in Hasselt at the delivery of the services, within 15 days after invoice date.

For delivery of services lasting more than 2 months, a part of the Overééngekomen total amount will be billed monthly.

  1. Cancellations– upon cancellation within 10 days before the scheduled date: 50% (ex transport Costs) – upon cancellation within 5 days before the planned date 100% (ex transport costs)
  2. offer/Proposal Our offers are binding on the clearly defined services as described in the proposal. Additional questions or extension of existing questions may result in an adjustment of prices.

6. No payment on due date. In case of late payment a first reminder will be sent with an administrative fee of 15 Euro (excl. VAT).

In the absence of a payment within 15 days will be legally and without prior notice a delay interest will be payable of 12% per year from the due date of the invoice. The debt is also legally increased by 10% with a minimum of €500 as compensation.

In case the customer is lagging behind the monthly payments during the course of a project or training cycle, all our services will be discontinued until the backlog is delayed. Strike of our services does not in any way provide discount on the invoice of the following month (s) or may under no circumstances lead to any form of compensation due to the customer.  The total sum is payable and the above-mentioned regulation for late payment can be applied.

7. Postponement or adjustment Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, a delay in the provision of services by unforeseen circumstances, such as, but not limited to, sickness, accident, traffic situations,... may under no circumstances entitle them to cancel an order and No compensation may be required by the customer.

8. VAT Each foreign customer must disclose his VAT number in advance so that it can be checked by the VAT administration

9. Complaints If no further cooperation is desired, for any reason whatsoever, by the customer, this can never lead to any kind of compensation in relation to Fenrir Consult.  All agreed amounts for the executed works and preparations must be met. If the cooperation is terminated by Fenrir Consult, for any reason whatsoever, this can never result in a claim for damages from the customer.

10. Liability The seller cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the services provided. Nor can he be held liable for the failure of a project for which the customer has invoked our services.

11. Jurisdiction. All disputes concerning the concluded agreement are administered by Belgian law. Only the courts of our registered office are competent to take note of such disputes. Van This arrangement can only be waived by the seller.