Well-being at work

"Live in your work, and hopefully in full....".

All our courses are based on Evidence based Practice.

Work on sustainable employability and well-being at work.

Through Evidence Based Practice we have come to an offer in training and advice about working on sustainable employability and well-being at work through 5 essential pillars

1) not only healthy but also enthusiastic and resilient to work.

2) Stresshantering and Prevention of burnout – with as unique specialisation the theme "perfectionism".

3) Increase (inter)personal effectiveness.

4) Support by and from entrepreneurs and executives.

5) from our engagement in the user group ' Mantelzorg friendly personnel policy ' of the knowledge point of the cloak care, since 2016 we are adding a 5th pillar to a Mantelzorg friendly personnel policy.

Inspired by the work

How as managers promote the well-being of employees from a 2-track policy: prevention and tackling stress and burnout, promoting enthusiasm. 

Not everything at once!

About "The delusion of the day", mental overload and the myth of the Mulittasken.

Brain friendly living and working.

The power of Resilience

How as an individual employee work on your health and your enthusiasm; How to monitor resilience, both mentally and physically.

Healthy and enthusiastic about the work.

In Balance with stress

How to break the vicious stress circle of thinking, feeling, acting. What are person-oriented interventions to address stress at an early stage and what measures are in place to prevent stress. What in the case of a burnout.

The art of Letting go of your work

Let it loose!? Easier said than done. And, what does that really mean? How do you do it? During this training we will get to work with 3 forms of releasing NL. Behavioural release, emotional release and mental release.

Collaborate = speak together

Communication and feedback to be able to stay together on track. We deal with the basic aspects of communication, the most common obstacles as well as the basic skills to promote effective communication.

Building assertiveness

A training to learn both the skills to set up your more assertive and to tackle the main obstacles .

Captivated by perfectionism

We offer an answer to 3 questions: What is it, how it arises, Do I get rid of it and how. The different forms of perfectionism are the basis to consider how to cope differently so that it remains a quality and not a trap.

Inspiring entrepreneurship

How as an entrepreneur, how to monitor your passion and your focus, how to work smarter with more energy and less stress and what to do when stress is taking the upper hand.

Weatherable in times of change

Which are the common responses to change (both at the level of our emotions, as well as mentally and in terms of how we react to it) and some frameworks to make these reactions understandable. How can employees cope with the stress that this brings about, how can they remain resistant in times of change and participate actively in the change process.


In a training course we will explore the subject in depth and work together intensely with the participants in 3 to 4 modules of 2 to 3 hours each. For a positive result the group is always limited. 

These topics can also be prepared in a customized version for your organization or company in the form of a tailor-made course, training or workshop.

Course Perfectionism

4 modules for people who own perfectionism and want more insight into how their own perfectionist thinking and behavior is put together.

Course Lostlaten

4 Lessons: To learn how to cope with worrying




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