Working on Wellbeing

"Changing is to be more yourself, not someone else".

Each of us has its own way of functioning, his own way of thinking and his own set. Finding a good balance between the expectations of yourself and society and between you, both physically and psychologically, is a difficult exercise.

We therefore offer a wide range of themes to promote health, wellbeing and vitality as well as to invest positively in relationships with others.

Info sessions

Not all at once eh

We willen eigenlijk teveel. 
We kijken hoe we anders kunnen omgaan met de  “waan van de dag”. We bekijken de mythe van het multitasken en gaan na hoe je overbelasting van je brein kan voorkomen en hoe je je mentale weerbaarheid kan bewaken. Breinvriendelijker leven.


Het “leven” en het “beleven” van de tijd die we beschikbaar hebben.
Niet me time ter compensatie van een drukke dag.

Burnout, the way to recovery

Information on burnout, a definition, the causes, the remedial measures and the prevention of relapse.

Communication with effect

The importance and the need for good communication; Speaking to each other, simple anyway,...? 


Positive Thinking

Positive thinking under the denominator "the power to think not more negative than strictly necessary", combined with a healthy dose of positive realism.

To draw assertive boundaries

The ability to assert boundaries in an assertive way as to the obstacles to doing it.


What is worrying, how does it arise and does it continue to survive? Methods and techniques to get them started.

How do you look at yourself?

Get started with your inner critic and build self-confidence.

If it should be perfect

The different forms of perfectionism are discussed, and how to deal with it differently so that it remains a quality and not a trap.


How resilient and resistant remain in difficult circumstances?

Pitfalls and meaning.

I know, but...

... why don't I do it?

Translating good intentions into effective action: tackling lifestyle habits.

The Sandwich generation

How as a sandwich generation cope with the different expectations and contradictory feelings,...

Info sessions

An info session takes approx. One and a half hours excl. break. The number of participants is unlimited.

These topics can also be prepared in a customized version for your organization or company in the form of a tailor-made course, training or workshop.


A workshop goes into more detail on the subject. Duration time Max 3 hours. Participants are limited to an interactive whole.


In a training course we will explore the subject in depth and work together intensely with the participants in 3 to 4 modules of 2 to 3 hours each. For a positive result the group is always limited. 

Course Perfectionism

4 modules for people who own perfectionism and want more insight into how their own perfectionist thinking and behavior is put together.

Course MeTime: Experience the time of your life

MeTime IS Life. It is not time for yourself after the hours, but rather time of yourself, every hour of the day, every day again. In 4 Modules We evolve from recuperation, to life and life, and hopefully In full!

Course Lostlaten

4 Lessons: Otherwise learn to cope with worrying.



Building course on assertiveness

4 modules in which we learn to customize our setup and also how to deal with assertiveness.

Fenrir on tour

Location is everything

We come to you. Do you have a favourite location, an internal room or other possibilities. You name it, we are there!